What We Offer



Taking the time to architect the right solution sets any project up for success whether it’s building a skyscraper, installing industrial machinery or developing custom web applications.  Industrial Resolution spends time with all stakeholders to thoroughly understand both the current state, as well as the desired state.  Ultimately our proven architecture service allows customers to turn complex challenges into simple “Go” or “No go” decisions.

As Part of Delivering Architecture We:

  • Collaborate to Understand the Core of the Problem
  • Design Effective Solutions
  • Accurately Estimate Timing and Costs
  • Plan the Path Forward to Development
  • Deliver Complete Documentation of the Project


In layman’s terms everything we do can be considered “development”, but it’s through our people, with their intense attention to detail, the pride they take in their work, and our well entrenched culture of peer review that ensures that the solutions we create perform beyond expectations for our clients. Industrial Resolution requires adaptability within our humans and we invest in their education to keep up with ever evolving industry skills.

Platforms We ♥︎:

  • Open Source Tool Kits
  • Drupal 7 & 8
  • React
  • React Native


A complete solution requires all individual parts to be working in unison.  Industrial Resolution takes all existing digital systems into consideration when architecting a solution.  We then develop integrations, both custom and out of the box, to ensure the front-end is talking to the back-end and everything in between. One of the most valuable skills we bring to integrations is our critical thinking “sticktoitiveness”.  We specialize in building our most elegant digital solutions when our clients present us with an environment of tight constraints and challenging technical requirements.

We have experience integrating:

  • CRM's
  • Phone Systems
  • Websites and Mobile Apps
  • Inventory Tracking Hardware/Software
  • Just to Name a Few . . .


Your success in every project is rooted in clear communication. We provide direct communication with the development team. This looks like a regular scrum meeting and can scale to full team augmentation. Anyway you slice it; Industrial Resolution always looks for a strong partner because it takes two flints to make a fire.

Ways we partner:

  • Team Augmentation
  • Regular Check-In's
  • Zendesk Support System
  • Slack Channels
  • Direct Access to Indy-Res Engineers