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A Partner in Growth

As an Elastic “Verified Partner” we are able to deliver to customers a big data solution that helps with business intelligence, logging, security analytics and of course many search use cases.

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Using Subscriptions to Update Data in Relay Modern

While working on a Relay project, I ran across a common application pattern that can be hard to understand if you're new to GraphQL and Relay: using GraphQL Subscriptions to update a client that already has data from an initial GraphQL Query.

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Scaling: A sales-persons hard lessons learned

I’m excited to help customers envision realistic ways that their business could run more efficiently, be more competitive and ultimately be more profitable through the creative application of a wide range of technology solutions.

Welcome Dave Peck

New Opportunities, New Growth, New Lessons - A Conversation with Dave Peck

After advancing his career in tech over the last 18 years, Dave Peck returns to Lancaster to bolster the IndyRes team with his expertise!


Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

To create the future here in Lancaster, we must start with educating the future. We've partnered with Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology to facilitate and foster the growth of their developer program.



Pubforge came from the idea that bringing technologist together in one space allows everyone to grow. This community is more than just a co-working space, but a place for members to grow and support each other in a field that can be isolating.