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Building Custom Software & What to Expect

Does this sound familiar? You have identified an outdated or manual process (think: hand written time cards, data manually manipulated in spreadsheets, inventory being tracked on paper and orders via fax) that is slowing down your business and adding cost

working it out


2019 was a year of strong growth for Indy Res. Now the team is gearing up for a thrilling 2020! Here is a quick taste of what's to come...

Stacks of papers

Streamlined Experience

It’s critical for the Chamber to capture the names and contact information of those in attendance.  It helps them grow their database which enables marketing activities for future events.


Why Custom Software

It typically starts with an inefficient business process - hand written time cards, data manually manipulated in spreadsheets, inventory being tracked on paper and orders via fax (Yikes!).  At some point someone gets to their breaking point and shouts som


Playing Games with Data

Deriving useful information from data can seem like climbing everest. Most of the time the data is either in a place that’s seems impossible to get or there is so much of it that it’s pretty much useless.

Team picture with Woz

Encountering Woz

What’s the value of team unity? How do you quantify that? Does it show up as productivity or better communication? Creating a unified team in a remote work environment is quickly becoming a problem for Industrial Resolution and companies like us. 


Technical Resolution - Episode 2

Today we’re talking about the Business For Good movement with a deeper dive on B-Corps. We’ll be diving into exactly what a b-corp is and is not.

Joel Walker giving the closing remarks at CPOSC 2019

CPOSC 2019

What an exciting year for the Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference! This was the highest attended event in its 11 year history with 232 attendees. We were fortunate to have so many volunteers to make this year a success.

Open Road

Searching for Answers

When was the last time you thought about how “search” worked? Thanks to Google, we look at searching as a fundamental part of our experience with any website or piece of software. Most of the time we take for granted this seemingly simple user interface.

Joel and Paul

Technical Resolution - Episode 1

Indyres now has a podcast! Conversations about tech and the problems we all have seem to follow  us around no matter where we are. The thing is... we like having these conversations. So our plan is to have more of them.