Lancaster STEM


The Challenge

In 2015, a group of Lancaster County thought leaders representing K-12 education, business and industry, local government, higher education, economic development, community-based agencies, and legislators met several times to discuss Lancaster County’s STEM needs, particularly as they relate to our future workforce. We learned:Between 2014 and 2024 STEM jobs in PA will grow by 12% compared to 7% in non-STEM jobs. As baby boomers retire en masse, Lancaster County STEM employers, including those in healthcare and advanced manufacturing, desperately need a STEM-literate workforce.Median earning for STEM jobs I PA is $35.37 an hour compared to $18.60 an hour for non-STEM jobs. In the face of these challenges Lancaster needed a home to show all the possibilities associated with STEM and STEM careers.

The Resolution

A vision for Lancaster County’s future As a hub for STEM literacy and experiential learning, Lancaster County will attract and retain visionary job creators, inspire learners of all ages to achieve academic excellence, and engage all its citizenry in building a prosperous future. This final result is the culmination of close collaboration with the Lancaster STEM Alliance. Industrial resolution designed and implemented a website strategy that allows for constant updates but allows for a unified design experience. The Front end is de-coupled from the regular wordpress backend. This allows for enhanced functionality for the site while retaining a familiar way to moderate content for the administrators. This site uses react as it's main framework which will allow for future site updates to design and functionality without affecting the content.

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