Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


The Challenge

It’s no secret that collaboration breeds innovation. But what if your community of thought leaders was having trouble communicating with each other? That’s a question that the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was facing for its Research Institute following ongoing feedback that its intranet – which is available to employees of CHOP as well as non-employees who are actively involved in CHOP RI research studies – was confusing, difficult to navigate and perceived to be out of date. The solution would require a complete overhaul, from the admin-accessible back-end to the user-facing interface and everything in between.

The Resolution

Although CHOP RI was already aware that its users weren’t happy, our team conducted in-depth surveying and one-on-one interviews with CHOP’s research community and stakeholders in order to learn both the pain points and high-priority needs firsthand. The results of this Discovery process helped us architect the new CHOP RI Knowledge Base Wiki (RWiki), complete with a new logo design, a user-customizable dashboard and a simplified navigation designed to make key uses of the intranet more findable. The new homepage design offers a more streamlined menu to cut down on unnecessary click-throughs and likewise improve user satisfaction. Extra attention was given to establish RWiki as a channel for facilitating collaboration and a resource for reliable, up-to-date content. Thanks to RWiki, CHOP RI’s community of researchers and employees are better suited to communicate with each other and continue to do what they do to in offering industry-leading pediatric care.

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