Technical Resolution - Episode 1

Joel and Paul

Indyres officially has a Podcast! It's about time. Conversations about tech and the problems we all have seem to follow  us around no matter where we are. The thing is... we like having these conversations. So our plan is to have more of them and ask people we think are experts on that topic to join us. 

The mission for this podcast is to explore possible solutions to challenges faced by the tech industry. To do that we'll invite guest subject matter experts to have a conversation with us around all kinds of topics. We hope you'll subscribe and listen along!   You'll be able to find us on iTunes, Spotify, and the Google Play store.   

Our very first episode is a topic near and dear to our hearts, Apprenticeships.  Paul Champion has been working working to set up apprenticeships and bring this model to the United States. in this episode Joel and Paul have a conversation about how apprenticeship can be used in the tech industry and how business can benefit. Take a listen! 


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