A Partner in Growth

As an Elastic “Verified Partner” we are able to deliver to customers a big data solution that helps with business intelligence, logging, security analytics and of course many search use cases.

Indy Res Elastic Update

Elastic has been introduced last September at one of our seminars at Pubforge. Over the past 6 months a-lot has been updated to the Elastic offering! Here are some things we are excited about.

Playing Games with Data

Deriving useful information from data can seem like climbing everest. Most of the time the data is either in a place that’s seems impossible to get or there is so much of it that it’s pretty much useless.

Searching for Answers

When was the last time you thought about how “search” worked? Thanks to Google, we look at searching as a fundamental part of our experience with any website or piece of software. Most of the time we take for granted this seemingly simple user interface.

OPEN Lancaster

A platform to enhance the communication between Lancaster City hall and it's residents.