I try to leave everywhere I go better than I found it

Indyres created an exciting environment that has provided me with a wide range of projects to work on, including a few mobile apps. There is always a variety in our projects that by the time I start to get burned out on one type of project something entirely different usually comes along.

It all started when I took a programming class in High School and was hooked.  I didn't think of making a career out of it until my fourth semester in college, when I changed to a computer science major. I’ve received a B.S. Computer Science from Millersville University and honed my skills through various trainings we have done here over the years.

I enjoy building things that have a physical component like mobile apps and physical hardware integrations. I like the challenge of creating things that you can interact with in the real world and not just on a screen.

Building in the physical world doesn’t end with my programming skills.   On weekends I can usually be found working on my project car, an old Corvette, or the occasional woodworking project. I get satisfaction and enjoyment out of working with my hands, and working on old cars or with wood allows me to unplug from tech and do something mechanical / physical for a change.