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We partner with innovative companies, governments, and businesses of all sizes to create custom digital solutions. Sometimes what we create is a simple website and at other times it's a complex database with a custom user interface. For us it's always about finding the right solution that meets your goals. In the end, all technology is a tool that we help you expertly wield.

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Agile is more than a process; It's the heartbeat that drives everything we do.





Setting the Stage

Collaborate on what success looks like, what the milestones are to get there and how we will measure it.

The Nuts and Bolts

Set and document the project plan, team, feature list, operating rhythm and release date.

Coding Time

Organized in a regular rhythm of sprints, complete with daily scrums to keep the project moving quickly and allow for the inevitable changes along the way.

Change Happens

This is an ongoing process if of identifying areas for refinement and fixes, and working these back into the process to be addressed.

Our Staff






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A story for the ages


Industrial Resolution grew to the technology consulting firm that it is today from humble beginnings, starting in 2006 as a b2b custom computer programming services shop, then called AMQ Software. The company rebranded in 2010 into Industrial Resolution and operated in two main arenas- as a software partner to creative agencies around Lancaster PA, and as a custom specialty code shop which completed projects that other developers failed to execute properly. Sales for both types of work primarily spread through word of mouth. The marketing agency work built awareness of our brand, but the custom development work we became relied upon for cemented our reputation as true problem solvers in the area. Clients soon asked us to take on everything from employee intranet jobs to access control systems to RFID door lock firmware. Then there were mobile applications for crowdfunding events and motion sensing interactive multimedia installations and data driven grassroots election campaigns. Rarely were two projects ever alike. As problem solving became the norm for any manner of request, Industrial Resolution soon became proficient in the volatile world of open API middleware integrations, which played a crucial role for us to connect with a broader client base.

Industrial Resolution soon became proficient in the volatile world of open API middleware integrations.

After years building “the front-end, the backend, and the middleware” we quickly realized that success of an end to end solution required that we participated from the very beginning of a project. As a result, we began to collaborate and consult with our clients from the outset of a project, sometimes before they realized there was a problem to solve. We quickly added a consultative service of technical envisioning, which we called “Discovery Work”. Pure consultation, the range of topics a “disco” could cover was vast. We’ve envisioned new brand names for NPO’s, architected accounting solutions for international consortiums, dreamed up petabyte sized scaling databases for security monitoring purposes and we encouraged a cultural shift in the way people think about technology while living in an urban area. One notable engagement was for the 2015 U.S. Women’s Open, where we devised dozens of clever ways to sell a record breaking number of tickets to that event. More tickets were sold on our platform than to any other women’s sporting event in sports history. In 2019, We are now dedicated to long term consulting engagements, supplemented by our unique professional service plans (PSP’s).