Innovation Forged in Adversity


“We’re experiencing 10 years of change in 10 weeks.”
Andrew Yang, tech dude

The world has changed for all of us. For some, much more than others. Some of these things will ultimately ebb back close to where they were in the pre-’Rona era but many changes are here to stay.

Times of forced and rapid change have a way of exposing the cracks in our systems while also shifting our perspectives of what's possible and driving innovation that will power companies well into the future and could deliver positive results into the next generation.

On a national and local scale, we are hearing evidence of entrenched ways of thinking opening up new possibilities while also witnessing rapid makeovers to legacy systems that will deliver  better results today and well into the future for all constituents.

  • Anticipating the onslaught of unemployment filings in New York, Google developed a new web site for the State to improve the experience of filing for users while also ensuring that the system could handle the surge. 

    “The site will allow users to save an incomplete application and pick up where they left off; provide an 'every device experience,' so New Yorkers can file from smartphones, tablets and laptops; and streamline the number of questions so the application is shorter and easier to understand.”

  • On the flip side, in our own state, we’re witnessing a platform and distribution network not quite ready for showtime as Fine Wine and Good Spirits (PA’s state run liquor distributor) migration to an online store has gone down about as smoothly as a tall, warm glass of some of their own bottom shelf rum. 

    Despite these initial struggles, the system will eventually be rapidly improved after going through the forge of development, feedback and iteration. A year from now, we imagine that the user experience will be greatly improved as well as the bottom line for the liquor store. 

Here in Central PA, the Indy Res team has been having many conversations with innovative business leaders who are beginning to exit crisis management mode and turn their attention towards solutions that solve their immediate problems, but also will pay great dividends in the future.

  • A painting contractor is looking for ways to empower their team to provide estimates remotely. Video, pictures and video chat are all options they are exploring.  They see this as a fix to a short term problem that will help their business run more efficiently and better serve customers in the long run. 

  •  An excavating company is accelerating a project to more effectively communicate with their employees through an intranet. The system will provide a method for texting employees, updating everyone on recent news, as well as automating historically manual processes like vacation approvals, paystub distribution, etc. While it’s something they have wanted to do for a long time, the current need is pushing them to do it now.   

  • A local construction executive has starkly realized just how many collective man-hours have been wasted by commuting to status meetings that are just as productive (maybe more so) on video calls while also saving up to 3 hours per meeting in drive time per participant. Dialing in their tools and systems for making these meetings as robust as possible now will continue to pay off down the road as many meetings may remain remote even once restrictions are lifted, saving a ton in time and expenses.  

The world is undergoing a seismic shift. The rate of change over the next 10 weeks is going to be massive. The next 10 months could prove bigger still.  

Here at Indy Res, we have always thrived at helping our customers to challenge the ways things were always done and worked to develop automated, digital, integrated solutions.

If your team is ready to think of ways to evolve your business processes, tools, and systems to adjust to our new world, we’re willing and eager to spend some time  bouncing ideas around with you and your team (remotely)*. Let us know how and if we can help. Click here to schedule a 15-minute consultation.  *Pants optional

Onward and upward!

P.S.  Keep an eye out for future updates in the coming weeks as we de-bunk some myths around custom software development, explain our process, and illustrate why it remains an excellent investment in your business.