Indy Res Elastic Update

Elastic Seminar

Since you know Indy Res, you are probably aware of our enthusiasm for Elastic Search.  (For those that don’t know - It’s a powerful data search, visualization and security solution.  It ends up finding a home in just about every project we undertake since it’s so versatile).  

 Last September we hosted a seminar at Pubforge to introduce Elastic to our community.  The turnout and engagement was truly fantastic!  Of course in the tech world six months can be an eternity.  In that time a lot has been added to the Elastic offering so we wanted to take a minute and highlight two of the new items we’re excited about:

Workplace Search

  • Workplace Search - Most of the companies we speak with point to the frustration of finding documents and files within the companies file servers or cloud app as one of the biggest inefficiencies they are wrestling with.  Good news - Indy Res and Elastic can deliver a solution. Think of a Google search bar and results page for all of your internal documents, complete with document level security and privacy.    Elastic Security

  • Endpoint Security and SIEM - Elastic is happiest wherever there is a large amount of data to be consolidated and visualized.  Nowhere is this more prevalent than network security! Elastic made a splash a few months back by acquiring Endgame - a next gen endpoint security solution (it stops all the stuff traditional anti-virus vendors let through).  They also released SIEM (security incident and event management) functionality to enable easy consolidation of security alerts from across your network.

  This is just the start and more is coming!  We’ll continue to keep you up to date and keep an eye out for more Indy Res seminars in the months to come.  We’ll be back on the roof deck of Tellus 360 in no time!
In the meantime, let us know if you’d like to learn more about either of these solutions or more about what Indy Res is up to.